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Transfer Station

Transfer Station

There is no public solid waste or recycling pickup in Dalton.  Instead residents either use private haulers for their solid waste or recycling pickup or they purchase a sticker for access to the Dalton Transfer Station.  The Transfer Station is currently run by Casella Resource Solution through an annual contract.

In 2021, a Dalton Solid Waste and Recycling Committee was formed to address solid waste issues affecting town residents.  They meet at least quarterly and are currently working on issues such as the contract to run the transfer station, expansion of recycling to private hauler contracts, transfer station improvements, and expansion of additional waste diversion options to residents.

*NOTE: the Transfer station does not accept “white goods” (refrigerators, freezers, AC units) or TVs / monitors. You can try Sayers Auto Wrecking on Potter Mt. Rd. in Lanesboro (443-5200) for the former, and the Salvation Army (448-4900) for certain TVs, and Lenox Valley WTF (637-1101) but be sure to call first.


(for both Solid Waste and Recycling)

Vehicle stickers are required to use the transfer station for both solid waste and recycling.  Stickers are available for purchase to Dalton residents only from the Transfer Station Attendant and are valid from July 1st  through June 30th . Dalton is a “Pay as you Throw” community, meaning that all solid waste must be put into purchased blue bags, sold in both 30-gallon and 15-gallon bags

Checks should be payable to “Casella Waste”.

FY22 Vehicle Sticker Prices (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022)
– $119.19 for first vehicle in household
– $41.46 for second sticker for the same address is available at a reduced cost of $41.46
– Replacement stickers are also available for $18.66. Make out checks to “Casella Waste”

FY 22 Blue Bag Cost (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022)
– 30-Gal Bag (Large) – $4.15 each ($41.50 for package of 10)
– 15-Gal Bag (Small) – $3.42 each ($34.20 for package of 10)

Bulky Items
The Transfer Station accepts some bulky waste items at a per item cost, listed here.  Note that it does not accept items containing CFCs.  Refer to “OTHER WASTE ITEMS” (below) for more information on items not included in list.

Residents are required to purchase a sticker in order to recycle at the Dalton Transfer Station which gives residents unlimited recycling access at no additional charge. Click here for a detailed list of recyclables.


Household Hazardous Waste
The Dalton Transfer Station does not accept Household Hazardous Waste (HHW).  Instead, Dalton works with Pittsfield to provide at least one HHW day a year to Dalton residents at no charge, usually in the Fall.  The next HHW is currently scheduled for October 23, 2021 and we will post more information on that event as soon as more information is available. Note that Latex paint can be disposed of at the transfer station if it is dried into a solid state first.

Concrete – Residents can contact Lenox Valley WTF (413 637-1101) for pricing and logistics.

Items with CFCs – The transfer station does not accept refrigerators, freezers or AC units that are charged with CFC

Car Batteries are accepted at most auto part stores. Call ahead to see if there is a fee.

TVs/Monitors: Salvation Army may accept certain TVs and monitors. Call 413 448 4900 for more information. Lenox Valley WTF also accepts TV/Monitors for a fee- call (413) 637-1101 for more information.


Contact Jayne Smith, Dalton BOH Agent at 413 684-6111 x20 or