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Transfer Station

There is no public trash pickup in Dalton, and the Town Dump was closed some years back in favor of a Transfer Station run by Allied Waste. Residents either contract with a private trash hauler or purchase an annual sticker and bring their rubbish and recyclables to the Transfer Station. Large items that do not fit in the special “blue bags” may be accepted for an additional fee.

*NOTE: the Transfer station does not accept “white goods” (refrigerators, freezers, AC units) or TVs / monitors. You can try Sayers Auto Wrecking on Potter Mt. Rd. in Lanesboro (443-5200) for the former, and the Salvation Army (448-4900) for certain TVs, but be sure to call first.

Stickers are available at the Transfer Station. They are available to Dalton residents only and run from July 1 through June 30.  A new sticker must be purchased each year for $82.09, a second sticker for the same address is available at a reduced cost of $35.35.  Replacement stickers are also available for a small fee.  Make out checks to Casella Waste.

Compost & Brush Area (sticker required)
Normally open at same times as Transfer Station – Saturday 8AM-12PM

Hazardous Waste Collection
Hazardous waste and old electronic items are collected periodically, as arranged by the Board of Health (Dalton does not belong to the Northern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District).

Blue Bags
Special “blue bags” must be purchased and used for any non-recycleable trash.  Buy via check to Republic Services.

Large bags are $3.59 each.  A package of 10 is $35.90.
Small bags are 3.02 each.  A package of 10 is $30.20.

Many items should be recycled versus trashed.  See below for details: