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Prescription Drug Drop Box / Sharps Disposal

The Dalton Police Department has a prescription drug drop off box for anyone looking to properly dispose of unused and unwanted prescription drugs.  Please black out the recipient’s name on any prescription bottles.  We do not take any liquids or needles.

Any and all sharps may be disposed at the State Clinic located at 510 North Street, Door #6, Suite B2, Pittsfield, MA.  Sharps must be in a puncture resistant container such as: a bleach or laundry detergent container, soda or juice bottle, or a sharps container.

The benefit for using the drop box is to prevent the drugs from otherwise being flushed down a drain which could pollute our water system and to prevent opportunity for theft and abuse of prescription medication.

We would like to the thank Retired District Attorney David Capeless for providing the Dalton Police Department with the drop box that will benefit our community.