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Dalton Board of Assessors

Dalton Board of Assessors

The Dalton Board of Assessors serves the public with information on real estate, personal property, motor vehicle excise and chapter land assessments in addition to tax mapping within town. Abatement requests for real estate, personal property, sewer and motor vehicle excise are all processed in the assessor’s office. Exemption applications on real estate for Veterans, Seniors over 65, Legally Blind Persons, Surviving Spouses & Religious & Charitable Organizations are available and information is provided to assist in completing the application process.

Taxpayers are encouraged to read the back of their tax bill for payment and abatement information and instructions. All questions regarding assessments and valuation should be directed to the Assessors’ Office.

Applications for Property Tax Abatements are due in the Assessors’ office on or before the February 1st due date of the actual tax bill. If property has been sold or if there is a change of address, taxpayers should forward this information to the Assessors’ or Tax Collector’s Offices. Applicants for Motor Vehicle Excise abatements have three years after the excise tax was due or one year after the bill was paid to apply for abatement and must include supporting documentation on the disposition of both the license plate and the vehicle in question. All Exemption applications must be filed annually on or before April 1st. All applicants will be notified by mail of their application approval or denial.

Our office is committed to maintaining an assessment system that can develop fair and equitable values for all classes of property. Real Estate assessments are adjusted and approved on an interim basis yearly and complete revaluations certified every five years by the Department of Revenue as mandated by Massachusetts General Law.

Office hours may vary due to staffing and Covid19 restrictions. Please call ahead at 413-684-6111 ext 10 or 23. Or for your convenience there are drop boxes located at the entrance of Town Hall and near the sidewalk on the South Carson Avenue side of Town Hall to drop off payments or documents.