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Board of Assessors

Board of Assessors

The Dalton Board of Assessors serves the public with information on real estate, personal property, motor vehicle excise and chapter land assessments, in addition to tax mapping within the Town. Both abatement and exemption requests are processed in the Assessor’s Office. Taxpayers are strongly encouraged to read the back of their tax bills for abatement information, deadlines and instructions, in addition to payment information. All questions regarding assessments and valuation should be directed to the Assessors’ Office.

Exemption Applications are available both online and in the Assessor’s Office. They must be filed within 3 months of the date of the actual tax bill (3rd quarter bill). An exemption is a reduction in taxes due to personal circumstances and qualifications. Applicants must file annually and meet the requirements each year to be considered for an exemption as a Veteran (Clause 22), Senior over 65 (Clause 41C), Blind Person (Clause 37A), or a Surviving Spouse (Clause 17D). Please view this Summary and Guideline Insert for a quick summary and guidelines for qualification. Contact the Board of Assessors with any questions.

NOTICE:         Due to a change in the processing of the tax bills, no credits for exemptions for Seniors, Veterans or the Blind are included in these Preliminary bills for FY24.  Applications will be mailed in the fall and Certificates will be issued after the exemptions have been granted for the 3rd quarter billing.

QUESTIONS:                Contact the Board of Assessors

Abatement Applications are available both online and in the Assessors’ Office for Real Estate and Personal Property taxes and are due in the Assessors’ Office on or before February 1st due date of the actual tax bill in any given year. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax abatements must be filed within three years after the excise tax was due or one year after the bill was paid. Please include support documentation on the disposition of both the license plate and vehicle in question.

Our office is committed to maintaining an assessment system that develops fair and equitable values for all classes of property. Real Estate assessments are subject to “Interim Adjustments” annually and complete revaluations are required and certified every five years by the Department of Revenue as mandated by Massachusetts General Laws. For your convenience, there is a drop box located near the sidewalk on the South Carson Avenue side of Town Hall where documents or payments can be left. Our offices are open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8AM-1PM and Thursdays from noon-6PM, but hours may vary. Please call ahead @ 413-684-6111 ext. 206 or 205, if you need to meet with an Assessor.

Please note: New this year, we have interactive Assessors’ Maps that can be accessed through use of the link found below. There you can search by Owner, Street Address, or Map # and Lot #.