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Dalton Council on Aging Transportation Service (Dalton COASTS)

“How will I pick my prescriptions?” “Who will take me to see the doctor?” “I won’t get to see my friends if I give up my car.”

It’s never easy for a senior or their family to make the decision to stop driving.

Dalton COASTS is here to make that decision easier.

Our lift van service fills your transportation needs for local appointments to medical/dental, shopping, banking and even to visit a friend!

For a nominal fee the van will provide door to door service, picking up at your front door and deliver you to the door of your destination Monday through Friday 8am to 3pm.

Transportation is not restricted only to those who don’t drive at all.  Dalton residents 60+ may utilize the van due to temporary disability i.e., broken leg, automobile trouble, inclement weather or to attend an event that has little or no parking available.

Please keep in mind that we do try to accommodate everybody’s needs however medical appointment do take precedence. With just one vehicle, wait times may be longer at times than others considering it can take 20 minutes or more to travel to parts of Pittsfield.

We require one business day notice for scheduling (e.g. call by Friday noon for Monday afternoon).

Call 684-2000 during regular business hours, Mon-Fri 8PM-4PM.