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Council on Aging Board

Our front line of volunteers includes the members of the COA Board who are appointed to three-year terms by the Dalton Select Board to review the policies and recommend programs through establishing a five year plan. Board members assist with or oversee the activities of the Council on Aging stepping in as administration in order for paid staff to participate in training and bring back new and innovative practices. All of these folks are active in one or more of our programs. Current members are in the Appointed Officers list maintained by Town Clerk’s office. Board meetings are posted and open to the public and are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Dalton Senior Center.

Dalton Council on Aging:

George Morrell – Chair
Linda Merry – Vice Chair
Robert Merry – Treasurer
Andrea Lassor – Clerk
Yvonne Washburn – Vice Clerk
Gordine Galusha
Joyce Lacatell
Maureen Mitchell
Jean Poopor
Kathleen Sturm
Patricia Suchenicz
Ken Walto
Cynthia Riggs-French

Volunteers are the heart of the Council on Aging and Senior Center.  It is through these caring and giving people we are able to make such an impact on the community.  There are good people doing good works at the Senior Center and locations throughout the town.

Program & Volunteer Committee
This group was formed to plan and present programs at the Senior Center along with staff. Those who have an interest in identifying potential activities, assisting in the execution of ongoing and special events should attend.

Bridges Together Senior volunteers participate in a 6 week curriculum with local elementary school students in the classroom to “bridge” the generations. In today’s world, families often live across country/world away from each other and youth and seniors alike miss out on experiencing each other.  This program builds an understanding of age for both generations and a lifetime of impact!

LIFE (Living is for the Elderly) twice monthly, Life Group Volunteers visit Craneville Place and present music, games or theme based activities to residents no longer able to participate in community life. Life volunteers help keep the residents engaged and active.  The bonus?  It is a whole lot of fun to laugh and play with these elder residents.

Sunday Lunch Begun in 1992 as a collaboration with the Dalton Clergy Assoc. and Elder Services, this is truly a community-owned program. A number of host groups serve on a scheduled rotation, planning, preparing and serving a healthy meal on Sundays at 1 PM at the Dalton Senior Center dining hall. Volunteers plan, decorate, prepare, serve, and clean up. Host groups include the COA Board of Directors, First Congregational, Nazarene and St. Agnes’ churches, Dalton Rotary, Knights of Columbus and Boy Scouts. It doesn’t matter who you help – the community wins!  Meal suggested donation: $2.

Current Senior Center Volunteer Position Openings

-Reception: Have a first and lasting impression on the people who come through the door!  We have some of the best who greet with a smile and set the tone for the visit.  Receptionists answer phones, greet visitors, answer inquiries, etc.

-Special Events Volunteers: Occasional commitment to set-up/break down after events, serves meals, stuff envelopes, etc.

-Program Volunteers:  Share your knowledge/skills to teach or lead a group such as Crafts (i.e. card making, jewelry making, origami), American Sign Language, Book Club, Current Events Club, Board games.  All suggestions are welcome!

Impact Volunteer (Independence Made Possible by Aiding the Community Together)  Aging may bring many challenges and Impact Volunteers can help by an occasional ride beyond our transportation limits, a shopping trip for someone recovering from injury/surgery, friendly visiting for homebound, assisting with spring planting, other tasks could include: changing lightbulbs, moving boxes from upper shelves, small carpentry repairs, sewing – mending, buttons, hemming, etc.

Please contact Kelly Pizzi at to discuss your interest in any of the above openings or interest in sharing your talents in another way.