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Veteran’s Agent

Veteran’s Agent

Veterans Services are a state and locally funded cash and medical assistance program to assist financially dependent veterans, their families and parents.

The Veterans Service Officer provides benefits and makes referrals to qualified veterans. Under M.G.L. 115, financial assistance to qualified veterans is provided. The agent conducts document searches via the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

Services for Dalton Veterans are now available Monday through Friday through the North Adams Veterans Services Department

Useful info:
Military Records – how to request from National Archives and Records Administration
Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Proper American Flag Disposal:
Our Veterans Agent, Mitchell Keil, properly and respectfully disposes of any tired and faded American Flags, in accordance with flag etiquette and tradition. Dalton residents are able to drop their old flags off at the Town Manager’s Office in Town Hall for proper American Flag disposal.