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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The Dalton Emergency Management Department was created under State Law to coordinate the response to emergency situations that the town may face. The Emergency Management Department works with town departments and committees along with local business and agencies to coordinate the response to emergencies with State (MEMA) and Federal (FEMA) agencies as well as other communities within our area. In addition, the Emergency Manager seeks grants for services, materials and equipment that can be used to facilitate the operation of town departments in emergency situations.

The Emergency Management Department posts all meetings on MYTOWN GOVERNMENT website.


The Town has adopted a new high-speed mass notification system called CodeRED to contact residents of Dalton in case of an emergency. Upon activation a recorded message is rapidly sent to all residents via phone, text, and/or email to provide information and instructions from the Emergency Management Team. All fixed, listed Dalton phones are on our calling list.

For the system to work properly we need to have all residents’ phone numbers in the data base. We do not have access to unlisted phone numbers, cable phone numbers, or cell phone numbers. These numbers are of critical importance for the Emergency Management Department to be able to contact all residents of the need for evacuation or to provide information in the case of any emergency situation.

** If you have an unlisted number, cable phone, or use a cell phone as your primary contact number we ask that you sign up on the CodeRED website as soon as possible.

More information is available in the CodeRED subsection.

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