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Traffic Commission

The Dalton Traffic Commission is an Advisory Board to the Select Board and Town Manager. Our responsibility is to provide input to the Select Board and Town Manager on matters pertaining to vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the Town of Dalton.  We are non-regulatory by charter and are designated to review problems and suggest solutions to concerns that the Town Manager or Select Board have referred to us. The Traffic Commission also functions as the Parking Ticket Appeal Board and the Complete Streets Committee for the Town of Dalton.

Bill Drosehn, Chairman
Deanna Strout, Vice Chair
James Peltier
Cam Cachat
Daniel Filiault
Al Nadeau
Bud Hall

Meetings are normally held on 3rd Tuesdays in the Callahan Room (Town Hall); check Calendar to confirm. The public is welcome.

Parking Ticket Appeal Board for Dalton: In this capacity we hear any appeals of tickets for violations of parking regulations within the community. Any person who wishes to appeal a parking ticket must file their appeal through the Dalton Police Department.

Complete Streets Committee for the Town of Dalton: In this capacity we work with the Town Planner, Highway Superintendent and employees of the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission to review and address the specific mobility needs of the town.