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Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is the local, legal authority to enforce the MA Wetlands Protection Act (WPA), with oversight by the MA Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP). The WPA protects wetlands and the public interests they serve, including flood control, prevention of pollution and storm damage, and protection of public and private water supplies, groundwater supply, fisheries, and wildlife habitat. These public interests are protected by requiring a careful review of proposed work that may alter wetlands. The law protects not only wetlands, but other resource areas, such as land subject to flooding, the riverfront area (added by the Rivers Protection Act), and land under water bodies and waterways.

Any work proposed to be performed within 100 feet of a wetland, within 200 feet of a perennial stream, in the flood plain or within 100 feet of other resource areas protected by the state Wetlands Protection Act must be reviewed by the Conservation Commission prior to activity.

Review by the Commission is also required for any work proposed to be performed above 1500 feet elevation per the Town of Dalton, Berkshire Scenic Mountain Act Regulations.

If you are planning a project that may fall within the Commission’s purview, please contact the Commission about filing the appropriate application.

The Conservation Commission regularly meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.via Zoom to discuss work, proposed or, in progress, to issue Determinations of Applicability and Orders of Conditions and, if necessary, to determine action on violations. Site visits for proposed, ongoing and completed work are also part of the Commission’s responsibility. The Commission consists of seven voting members appointed by the Select Board, plus associate members. Members are appointed for 3-year terms. The Conservation Commission welcomes any interested individuals who would like to volunteer their time. A current members list is maintained by Town Clerk’s office.


If you require a sign off for emergency work, please call the Conservation Commission.


NOTE: No application is complete until all related fees are received by the town.

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