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Historic Photos

This is the first batch of historic Dalton photos provided by the Dalton Historical Commission.  Some dates are approximate and some people are unknown – if you can provide more info, please let the Commission know at

Image Left: Crane House Purple Beech – on National Registry of Historic Trees 2005 | Image Right: Wahconah Regional High School, aerial view (1961)
Image Left: Pine Grove Park Gazebo (ca 1925) | Image Right: Mr. Jackson, Principal, in front of Dalton High School (1925)
Image Left: Kate Bicknell, Captain of Girl Scout Troop 1 (1917) | Image Right: Pender Block (date unknown)
Image Left: Datlon youth (unknown) in front of community House (ca 1925) | Image Right: Dalton youth playing marbles (date unknown)
Image Left: Dalton Parade (ca 1900?) | Image Right: Crane Inn – Main Street
Image Left: 63 John Street (ca 1900) | Image Right: Dedication of new Town Hall (1893)
Image Left: Clark Building – Main Street (ca 1890) | Image Right: Boy Scout Troop (1949)
Image Left: Civil War Veteran (name and date unknown) | Image Right: Newly completed Town Hall (1893)
Image Left: Dalton scene postcard (ca 1930) | Image Right: North Street, 1937 Flood – Calabrese’s store on right ; Kirk’s Garage, Kirk’s house, and Harman’s Texaco on left
Image: Dalton youth (ca 1925)

This is a new batch of historic Dalton photos provided by the Dalton Historical Commission. Three relate to the historic Hoose House, and others are of various points of interest. Enjoy!

Image Left: The Hoose House (photo from Howes Brothers Collection 1882-1902) | Image Right: Current appearance of Hoose House (2012)
Image Left: Hoose House Mueseum (sometime in future) | Image Right: Government Mill cutting room and rag room (1890’s)
Image Left: Grange Hall #23 (1983) | Image Right: Warren Farm (1950)
Image Left: The Depot (circa 1900) | Image Right: Old Berkshire Mill with Trolley Line (1909)