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Dalton Housing Authority

Dalton Housing Authority

The Dalton Housing Authority  provides affordable housing for elderly, disabled, and family tenants of moderate to low income. Programs include Public Housing, Rental Assistance, Homeownership and Resident Service programs.

Current programs are: 40 one-bedroom units at Pomeroy Manor and 30 one-bedroom and 1 two-bedroom units at Pinegrove Manor under Chapter 667, low-income elderly/disabled. We also have five, three-bedroom units under Chapter 705, low-income families.

These are funded by the Department of Housing & Community Development in Boston. We have long waiting lists for both programs. We are seeking local families and minorities for this program.

Eligibility criteria are under requirements adopted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. Annual Income limits for one- person household is $47, 150.  Two- person is $53,850. Tenants in Senior Housing pay 30% of there adjusted income for rent which includes all utilities. Families pay 27% of adjusted income and pay their own utilities.

Dept. of Housing & Community Development now has an on-line application called CHAMP at:

Regular meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:30PM at 293 High Street or virtual via GoToo. The annual meeting is held on the second Monday of June.

Anyone looking for more information can reach out the the Executive Director, Susan Gregory by email at or by phone at 413-684-2493.