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Dalton Select Board meeting of 11/9/2020

For immediate release:
Dalton Select Board meeting of 11/9/2020
The Dalton Licensing Board voted to waive all 2021 licensing fees for on premise all alcoholic license holders. (restaurant/bars)

The Board will revisit this issue prior to July 1st, 2021, and if the economic climate of restaurant/bars industry in Dalton improves dramatically the Board may reinstate the fees on a pro-rated basis.

This decision by the Board, will act as Dalton’s “stimulus plan” according to Select Board member John F. Boyle.

Chairman Robert Bishop and Acting Town Manager Sandra Albano, echoed Boyle’s sentiments regarding the severely impacted Dalton restaurant/bar business sector. In addition , Boyle pointed out that the 12 businesses affected, were not able to utilize their licenses in 2020. It looks like the same scenario for next year.

Boyle said, “ this action could be a template for other cities and towns in the Commonwealth to show their concern and support for these types of small business, that have been severely impacted by Covid19.

For more information:
John F. Boyle, Select Board Member
(413) 684-2173