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Dalton Fire District


During the period of 1873 through 1883 the town of Dalton experienced rapid growth. The few wells in town could not keep up with the demand for water for drinking and fire protection (seven paper-making mills in town were lost to fire during this period). Lt. Governor Byron Weston, Zenas Crane Jr. and other leading citizens examined the area for new sources and ways to supply water. The Dalton Fire District was organized at a town meeting on February 25, 1884, a charter was granted by the Legislature April 7, 1884 and on the 21st of the same month the town voted to accept it. The District provides fire protection to all of the town and water supply to most of the town.

Governance and Composition

The District is governed by the Board of Water Commissioners. It’s comprised of two departments: The Fire Department and The Water Department. The Fire Department is funded by a fire district tax based on real estate values. The Water Department is funded through user fees. The District Main Offices are in the Fire Station.

The Board of Water Commissioners is the governing body of the Dalton Fire District. The Board is composed of 3 members elected by District residents for 3-year terms.

Monthly meetings: usually held on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM at the Dalton Fire Station, 20 Flansburg Avenue, Dalton MA 01226.

Annual meeting: usually held on the 2nd Tuesday in May at the Fire Station, in order to hold elections and vote on the annual budget.

Contact Info:
Phone: 413-684-6118
Fax: 413-684-6126

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