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COVID Telehealth options available

If you test positive for COVID-19 and would like to be considered for treatment, you can call your Primary Care Provider, the BMC COVID-19 Hotline (855-262-5465) or email the Massachusetts Department of Health.

Berkshire Health Systems COVID Hotline:

Please visit COVID Pittsfield, Massachusetts (MA), Berkshire Health Systems for more information on services provided by Berkshire Health Systems

COVID -19 – Telehealth and Assessment for Paxlovid Treatment

Use the quick and easy link; to determine if Paxlovid is an appropriate treatment option for you.  If it is, MDPH arranges for pickup at a local pharmacy or free overnight delivery (if the prescription is written before 5 p.m. Monday – Friday).COVID -19   –  Telehealth and Assessment for Paxlovid Treatment – with a surge in COVID-19 cases the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health is providing a FREE Telehealth service for positive COVID-19 cases to determine if you can receive a COVID-19 treatment option.  Paxlovid is a COVID-19 treatment pill taken by mouth within 5 days of a positive COVID-19 test.